There’s something about car rides with guys…


A date, a destination or just a ride to nowhere always leaves a mark. Maybe it’s the prince charming complex we all have embedded within us that throws us in this fancy, “….your chariot awaits for you” transfers in real life as “Hey, I’m outside….” Reality has such charm right?!

Car rides to hopefully remember, greets you with night skies, city lights, sun beaming or rain streaming down the window. Accompanied with catalogs of good/bad/strange or corny music, the serenity or awkwardness of the ride somehow reveals something more about yourself and him. Back and forth gazes in between focusing on the road ahead can give a flutter. When good vibes are aligned the car is the perfect setting for clutch convos about life and the details often left for you or him to read between the lines…there seems to always be this reflective nuance that either makes you like him more or less.

His perspectives, jokes or the rap/sing alongs can be intrinsically satisfying or painfully annoying all while watching him man the wheel. This bubble that you guys are confined in for minutes or hours can literally take you under in a good, bad or an uncomfortable way. Any instance of ease or uneasiness is immediately felt because chemistry or no chem can’t hide itself in a car…


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