Tis the season to be jolly…for real though be jolly!

Every holiday I’m met with the “concern” of family, visitors and old friends on my relationship status, it seems to always be a pressing issue that they need to resolve. Hit with a drive-by of questions, I always answer “I’m good.” I always get the odd stare of annoyance for saying very little, unless I feel comfortable enough to delve into the deets. I’m not the girl to blow by blow chat about who/what/when/where/why or why not…says the girl who has a dating blog. Hey, a little mystery goes a long way, I’m transparent enough on here! I definitely live/lived my truth but sometimes you have to hit people with the bob and weave because one question answered opens up the floodgates of fuckery!

“So when are we going to meet a Mr. Right?” Did you hear x and x got engaged, I’m hoping one day I’ll see a ring on you?! M first thought, Nah you ain’t getting shit out of me…all while my soul cringes and the urge to roll my eyes ALL the way back nudges at me.

The rat race to catch up and coin the thirst term #relationshipgoals is just not my forte and I’m not apologetic about that.

Blessings to those who publicly spiel on every detail of what’s going on in their relationship but for those who are unsure or just winging their relationship status, it’s OKAY. No seriously, fuck the FOMO and get your shit together. Everyone has their own lane and feeling guilty about your life based on what’s going on out there is doing a disservice to yourself. A part of me feels the concern isn’t even genuine, its nosey and a little alarming and that’s the part that’s frustrating.

In some situations, encouraged by cattiness and ego, a window to knowing pieces and bits of your love/lust life can either solidify their current situation. It’s the domino effect of approval that has nothing to do with your best interest at heart. It could be a case of being able to one-up you or their own selfish feeling of being exonerated that they have a conjoined title…it can get real petty around the holidays, trust!

Either way you have to hold true to the beat of your own drum. Whatever the status of your existing or non-existent love life is, keep in mind…

In due time, always remember that. Appreciate what life continues to offer daily.

Quality over quantity, xoxo



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