Vex Money


 I want to see you, let’s have a drink…

*wink and blush emoji, what time?

what time  works for you?

8/8:30, Brooklyn? City?

Pick a spot and let me know?

Rambled thoughts with self!

Don’t you have an iphone? Google? Yelp dude, damn! Hate that shit! Ugh just makes me not even want to go anymore. Where’s the effort?

I’m hungry and I feel like drinking though, fuck it!

#Nodates drought OVER! ayeeeee

What am I going to wear? Shit I hate when guys hit you up out of the blue.

Play hard to get or just go on the date? Hmmm


Weave on week 2, YAS! *stands at mirror and strokes hair!

What should I wear? Kim K type shit?! Can’t stand her ass but when it comes to date night looks, I can’t even act like she doesn’t serve!

Lemme go to Pinterest and search Kimye for some inspiration

Okay, simple but show boobs. MUST show boobs not too much boobs…and  HEELS!

Shit my feet are gonna hurt with these tonight, oh wells!

Gold rings and gold chains of course!

Outfit down! Shower next? hair next?

Is he picking me up? Meeting me? Paying for my cab? hmmm

Damn I wish I had a car to meet him? Fuck that, where would I park? Never any parking in Brooklyn anyway

I’ll lyft!

Let me scroll through instagram before I get in the shower

*ten minutes past, 

I’m playing around, omg I have to jump in the shower.

Actually let me check my account, I need to see if i’m good….

Gotta make sure I have back-up money just in case…

Waaaaaait WHAT? what did I buy? I hate bills..,why is my account so low? did someone fraud me? Omg I couldn’t have spend this much on food? Damn Capital One,  you’re NOW processing that charge? 

No P, you are not going into your savings, no no no!! It’s not that deep, they’ll be other nights, right God?

But what if tonight is the best night of my life? Cinderella type shit!

Girl bye!

Found a spot yet?

Don’t respond yet. 

You can’t go…

UGHHHHHH Really what if I just take a chance and hope the night goes smoothly. Hope might get me in some mess!

Ugh I want to get out the house and see him but this account is looking weak.  Maybe he’ll pay for everything? 

 Yeah he’ll take care ofeverything  BUT Nah, you never know! You can’t get caught out there!

What if he leaves his card? Looses his money or something? How would you look if you said ” sorry, I don’t got it.”  WACK!

So are you going to take the train 3:30 in the morning too?

Not a good look!

That’s NOT happening!  

Why couldn’t he hit me on pay day and not during the final stretch before payday? 

Ugh this shit sucks, it’s just gonna be a netflix and dry cereal night. Next time, if there’s even a next time, ugh!

Hey I’m going to have to cancel.

A little out of it, let’s reschedule:)


Shit he probably thinks I’m not interested! I bet you next week he’ll be BUSY!

It’s whatever though because I’m not going anywhere without enough VEX money, anything can happen…

Be a smarter girl,

Pat xoxo







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